DPS success in Tivat, Bar and Nikšić, Budva goes to the opposition

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CEMI data demonstrates that DPS made great leaps on local level in Tivat, Bar and Nikšić, Dnevne Novine daily reports.

In Nikšić, DPS had 47,1% support, in Tivat 43,6% and in Bar 37%.

According to CEMI, DPS won absolute majority in Andrijevica and in kept the leadership in this municipality with 20 mandates.

SNP and DF won 5 mandates each in Andrijevica. SD has one mandate, and SDP, Positive and Demos did not have enough support to reach census.

In Budva, DPS won 12 mandates and lost leadership. Democrats and DF have 7 each, Cdu and coalition Budva Must as well as SNP-Demos coalition have 2 mandates each, and one mandate in Budva was won by SD.

Democrats, DF, coalition Budva Must URA, SDP, LP and coalition Budva Awakened DEMOS, SNP announced today they would form a coalition in order to form majority in the local parliament and become leadership in Budva.

In Kotor, DPS won 13 mandates, Democrats won 5, DF 4, SNP 3, SDP 3 and HGI, LP and URA won one mandate each.

In Gusinje, DPS won 8 mandates, SD and Gusinje Party 7 each, SNP and SDP 3 each, and Bosnian Party won 2 mandates. No party has majority in this municipality.

In Petnjica, DPS won 60,8% of support.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro