DPS: The opposition does not know what its duties and tasks in the government are

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Repeating complaints about obstruction in the work of opposition ministers and deputy prime minister on a daily basis and allegations that they all but found an epochal evidence on that prove that the opposition does not know why it has entered the government and what its duties and tasks in the executive branch are, the Democratic party of Socialists (DPS) said.

According to DPS, Miodrag Lekic, Zarko Rakcevic, Milorad Vujovic and other representatives of the opposition in the state bodies at various levels, probably believe that frequent media appearances and repeating the thesis of the alleged abuses in favour of DPS would compensate the futility of their claims on irregularities in the government’s work.

“There is no abuse and therefore there can be no evidence on it, no matter how hard they tried to convince the public otherwise. It is also clear to them and when they do not know what to do, then Rakcevic and Lekic try to help by their statements and interviews, unfounded assessments and arguments, as well as the bias opposition media. All the talk is actually a search for another alibi before another election defeat they will face in October”, DPS pointed out.

Instead of performing regular duties within the competence of departments they are in charge of, the opposition is leading a campaign by abusing state resources for electoral purposes in the most obvious way.

“When it comes to regularity of the elections, it certainly will not be evaluated by Miodrag Lekic from his self-assigned position of the supreme moral judge. For that purpose, there are laws and standards, there are competent institutions, international and domestic observer missions and all those entities that assessed previous elections in Montenegro as democratic, legitimate and successfully organised”, DPS stated.

The party added that it was obvious that Lekic and his coalition partners would consider acceptable only the results of the elections in which they would win, “which will remain only wishful thinking” for them, DPS said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro