DPS the strongest, Filip the best, every third citizen has no opinion on the government of electoral trust

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DPS is convincingly the strongest party, president Filip Vujanovic is the most trusted politician, and independent Montenegro is supported by 20 percent more voters than on referendum in 2006, and majority believes that we will become a member of NATO. This is what a June research from CEDEM has shown.

According to the research done in all cities in which 1003 citizens participated, DPS is supported by 43.1 percent of citizens. Second in power is Democratic front with 11.1 percent support, and the third is Demos with 10.3 percent of the support.

Among politicians, the best rating has president of the country Filip Vujanovic. His average mark was 3.07. After him come the prime minister Milo Djukanovic with 2.83, and in top five are also Dritan Abazovic, Aleksa Becic and Miodrag Lekic.

When it comes to forming the government of electoral trust, citizens think that DPS is responsible for this, while every fifth citizen believes that the principal role in this was by the international community.

At the same time, almost third of the participants think that the government of electoral trust won’t bring anything positive or negative.

Citizens trust the most to healthcare system, education system and the police, and the least to Montenegrin orthodox church.

And ten years after the referendum, the number of independence supprters has increased a lot, unlike 55.5 percent in 2006, 76 percent would vote yes today.

Unlike independence, the results are not clear when it comes to NATO membership. For membership is 37.1 percent while against is 36.4 percent. However 57.1 believe that we will become members of NATO alliance.

Research was done from 8th til 21st of June and was supported by NATO department for public diplomacy and US embassy in Montenegro.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro