DPS: The whole world recognized the elections, opposition is delusional

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Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) of Montenegro won the parliamentary elections with 36 mandates, and this is an indisputable fact, which cannot be contested by election losers, said the ruling party.

DPS added the regularity and democracy of the elections (overseen by over 2.092 domestic and 500 foreign observers, making these the most controlled elections in Montenegro since the referendum of 2006), is ratified from all relevant international addresses – Monitoring Missions OSCE and ODIHR, European Union, United States and NATO..

Not even the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the State Duma call into question the regularity of the results of Sunday’s election, noted DPS, underlining that the opposition parties which have signed the Agreement on holding fair and free elections within their participation in the government of electoral trust, have pledged to recognize the results of these elections.

“On election night, none of the opposition parties disputed the results, and all their representatives in electoral committees signed the minutes of the polling stations, thus sealing the whole electoral process. In addition, DF declared themselves the “winners” of the election, and Democrats called themselves the “biggest surprise” and “the best-ranked opposition party”,” DPS reminded the public.

But all of this quickly changed, they add, when their patrons told them to change their strategy.

“And in less than 24 hours, all opposition parties were trying push a new thesis in the media, now challenging results that they have already accepted?! To make things even more comical – 12 hours later, they came out with an offer of support to the minority government?! But in their delusions, they forgot that challenging the results at the national level also means challenging the results of local elections in Budva, where they have already declared themselves victors! It seems the only “regular results” are those convenient for them”, the DPS added.

The party said these elections only confirmed what DPS has been claiming all along:

“Ranko Krivokapic became an enemy to all the European values he only rhetorically advocated during his campaign, and put Montenegrin votes, given to his party, in the hands of Chetnik duke Andrija Mandic. But to unburden them all – DPS will quickly form a government with our partners, whilst opposition should prepare to remain in the same losing positions as ever before. It should not be difficult, they are used to defeat”, concluded the DPS.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro