DPS: We will find out who pumped money into the country in order to stop Montenegro

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As the election campaign progresses, it becomes increasingly obvious that the DPS’s claims said after the initial performances of Andrija Mandic, Nebojsa Medojevic and other members of Democratic Front (DF) are true: they have nothing to offer to Montenegrin people, but insults against one man and they cannot hide lack of good manners and primitivism emerging from every word they utter, DPS stated. As the party says, every DF’s performance is full of a bunch of lies and promises that cannot be fulfilled.

“Is there at least one citizen of Montenegro who will believe that Budimir Aleksic will write off all accumulated electricity and water supply debts, as they promised on the failed rally in Bijelo Polje? Faced with minor support among voters, which was clearly seen at their rallies in Niksic and Budva, currently Mandic and Medojevic are not trying to refrain from completely meaningless promises. Their despair is illustrated by the fact that they began to include the politically marginal figures such as Marko Milacic into their failed alliance”, DPS said in its statement.

As the party added, many of its members reported that these days DF activists are visiting their homes promising a lot of things, such as free electricity connections, writing off tax debts and similar things, adding the shocking fact that DF leaders send even minors to such ventures. However, according to DPS, DF thus only provokes the revolt among citizens.

“16 October is coming and the two guards DF treasure will have to submit a report to their foreign financiers how the million of euros were spent in this campaign. Then we find out who, how and for whose interests was pumping money into the country – last year, and now – with one goal: to stop Montenegro on its path towards European future. It also seems logical that the special prosecutor becomes interested in DF’s financial flows. Therefore, it is clear that Mandic and Medojevic will give up this kind of election campaign and return to their favourite way of being engaged in politics – violent attempts to get to power”, DPS concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro