DPS will seek the review of the constitutionality

Democratic Party of Socialists MP , Nada Drobnjak, will submit the initiative to be reviewed the constitutionality of amendments to the Law on Social and Child Protection that mothers with three or more children get lifetime benefits.

Assembly adopted amendments to the Law on Social and Child Protection in July, which stipulates that the employed and unemployed mothers with three or more children are entitled to a lifetime financial compensation, as well as to provide lifelong benefits for those who care the children with special needs.

In an interview with daily ‘’Dan’’ , Nada Drobnjak said that the initiative for the assessment of constitutionality would be filed after the administration of the Constitutional Court returns from vacation, adding that she expects the support of non-governmental organizations that fight for women’s rights.

She explained that the law with the adopted amendments is unconstitutional because it is discriminatory in many ways.

Drobnjak, as she explained, believes that the newly-adopted amendments discriminate women who did not give birth or have less than three children.

The law ,she added, discriminatory against men, as well.

According to Drobnjak, the law is not in accordance with the population policy and its aim is to increase the birth rate.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro