DPS wins most seats, defeat of the SNP

Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), at local elections held yesterday in Herceg Novi, won 13 seats, Citizens Association “Izbor” nine, SNP-DF-NS eight, while the SDP and Novska got two terms each.

Those are preliminary results of the elections, announced by the parties’ election headquarters. Judging by this electoral result, it means that no party or coalition has absolute power, because the Municipality of Herceg Novi has 34 councilors.

DPS won 13 councilor seats, one less than in the 2012 election, while the coalition led by the SNP now has 8 seats, 10 less then it got in the coalition made up by SNP, Nova PzP and Serbian coalition in 2012, when they had 18 seats.

Head of the DPS electoral list , “For the win of Herceg Novi – Milo Djukanovic”, Slobodan Radovic Kruso, said that his party won elections in Herceg Novi. DPS, as Rasovic said, recorded steady growth and its electorate has been increased by about 15 percent.

The head of the “Izbor” list, Dusan Radovic Kruso, the list that was the biggest surprise of the election, said that no one believed in them.

“We made some success. We have done it for two months. Nobody believed in us but ourselves. It is early to say what to do next. We’ll be ready when all the results are clear,” said Radovic.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro