DPS won absolute power in Tivat

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DPS won 44,7% and 3.373 votes which grants it 17 mandates and makes it the absolute winner of local elections in TIvat. CDT’s data based on 100% of processed inputs show that the Social-Democrats one the most mandates after DPS, four. After them, there is Socialist People’s Party, Croatian Citizen, Social Democratic Party and Tivat Initiative who won two, Bokeški Forum, Democratic Serbian Party and Arsenal for Tivat won one mandate. Serbian Radical Party SRS and Montenegrin Democratic Union Cdu did not win any mandates. Four years ago, the results gave DPS 12 mandates, SDP five, HGI and SNP four. NOVA won three mandates then, DSS two, Liberal Citizens’ Alternative and PzP one mandate.

Based on 100% processed data from election spots, CDT published following results:

There was a total of 7.682 votes, making the voter turnout 69,3%.

Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) won 44,7% of the voter body, with 3.373 votes cast for them. This result grants them 17 mandates.

Social-Democrats (SD) won 10,4%, 787 votes and 4 mandates.

Democratic Serbian Party (DSS) won 4,8%, 365 votes and 1 mandate.

Socialist People’s Party (SNP) won 6,2%, 471 votes and 2 mandates.

Croatian Citizens Initiative (HGI) won 5,2%, 394 votes and 2 mandates.

Socialist Democratic Party (SDP) won 7,5%, 563 votes and 2 mandates.

Tivat Action won 7,2%, 544 votes and 2 mandates.

Bokeški Forum won 4,3%, 327 votes and 1 mandate.

Arsenal for TIvat won 4,2%, 320 votes and 1 mandate.

Liberal Party won 1%, 76 votes and 0 mandates.

Serbian Radical Party (SRS) won 1,8%, 139 votes and 0 mandates.

Montenegrin Democratic Union (Cdu) won 2,4%, 182 votes and 0 mandates.

All 19 election spots in Tivat, where 11.078 citizens had a right to vote, were closed in 20h. President of Municipality Election Committee OIK Jovanka Laličić stated that 7.684 (69,36%) voters used their right to vote.

Voter turnout has increased in comparison with local elections in 2012. Then, only 58,02% citizens voted. There were also some irregularities, but nothing that would compromise the legitimacy of the elections.

Election day passed in peace. There were no tensions or incidents in election spots.

In a certain number of election spots some irregularities were noticed, pertaining to public votes cast by two voters in election spot 18. Their election tickets were not annulled.

Observers from CDT made a complain on bad conditions in which members of election boards had to be, and on difficulties in the way of movement for individuals with mobility impairments.

There were no major issues with the system for electronic identification of voters. There were some technical issues that have not influenced the flow of the elections. These elections are strong foundation for parliamentary elections in the fall.


Leader of the list Cdu Neven Staničić congratulated to all the parties that have entered the local parliament

“I want to congratulate everyone who has entered the parliament. I congratulate to citizens of Tivat for their choices”, Neven Staničić shortly stated to Radio Tivat.


Kusovac: Grateful for the trust, we continue to build Tivat

President of OO DPS in Tivat Siniša Kusovac thanked the people of Tivat for deciding to vote, for their dignified behavior and the trust they have put in them.

“We have accomplished a much better result than in the last elections. Democracy won, maturity won. We continue to build Tivat”, Kusovac said.


Leader of the list “Arsenal for Tivat” Budimir Cupara said that the important things is that they have entered the parliament

“I wish to thank our voters for their trust. We will not disappoint. On the contrary, we will try to implement our program in the local parliament. According to our information, there were no irregularities in the field. We are content”, Cupara said.


Andrija Petković: With zero money and this turnout, Bokeški Forum in the local parliament

“We are ecstatic. With 0 money spent, with this kind of turnout, we have entered the local parliament. We are close to our second mandate. For the first time in Montenegro, the voice of Boka people is heard”, Petković said.


CDT informed that by 19h, 7.302 (65,9%) voters have used their right to vote.



President of OIK Tivat Jovanka Laličić claims that CeMI misinformed the public when they published that all members of election board in the election spot 1 have left their positions.

CEMI cited the Law on Election of Aldermen and Representatives and its Article 72 that states: “While the election spot is open and polling is ongoing, all members (or replacements) of election board must be present”. CEMI has expressed regret about the fact that the President of OIK has not taken measures against individuals who were board members and replacements in the election spot BM 1 Lepetane.

“None of them were present. Members of the board grossly violated one of the key articles of the Law that regulates the behavior of the election board. Instead of taking legal measures, President of OIK justifies such behaviour. CEMI owns a photograph that proves that the members of the board have temporarily left their positions, leaving the election spot and confidential materials unsupervised. Find the photographic evidence attached. We invite the President of OIK to act in accordance with her power instead of forcing observers to turn a blind eye at the irresponsible behavior of members of electoral administration”, they stated in CEMI.

“President of OIK brings damage to the electoral process by ignoring the electoral procedure and excusing law breaking. CEMI will react in accordance with the Code of behaviour of election observers and continue to inform the public on irregularities in electoral procedure”, they stated in this NGO.


Voter Marko Brguljan made a report to OIK saying he is not enabled to vote directly for the leaders because he can only vote for parties, they said in CEMI.

“The report of voter Marko Brguljan opens a constitutional matter of electoral law”, they said in CEMI.


President of OIK Tivat Jovanka Laličić claims that CeMI misinformed the public when they published that all members of election board in the election spot 1 have left their positions.

According to her, it can not be said that the members of the board had left their positions if they were standing on the stairway that leads to the election room. She said she expects the member of OIK Vlado Dedović to make a confirmation of the fact that no laws were broken in this case.



MANS: Members of the electoral board are not familiar with basic election procedures

The Network for Affirmation of NGO Sector MANS claims that in the afternoon hours a smaller number irregularities was noticed than in the morning hours during the local elections in Tivat.

“Still, it is obvious that a majority of members of electoral board do not know the basics of election procedure. In many election spots, presidents of the boards have failed to officially note reports in the record, which could lead to a problem in processing irregularities. There was a case when members of the board have asked OIK whether an individual can vote with an expired ID”, they claim in MANS.

Despite changes, the voters list still contains inaccurate information.

“In one election spot, the members were informed by the family that their deceased member had received a call to vote. In other spot, the last name of the voter did not match that in his ID, although electronic database should have been connected with the ID database. In one spot, there were issues with the system for electronic identification of voters, because it took him three times to correctly read the information from the voter’s ID. There were cases of voters being sent to other election spots, of which they were not informed, making them unable to vote”, they said in MANS.

According to them, a member of the board in one election spot kept an illegal evidence of voter turnout and forwarded the information via cellphone.

“A similar thing happened in another election spot. Some of the spots are not adapted for individuals with special needs and elderly population. In some cases, the secrecy of vote was broken”, they said in MANS.


Irregularity: Election spot number 6

In a special list of voters who are voting without a photograph, a name of a deceased man was listed. Family made complains, CEMI learns.


CEMI reports that all of the members of the board have left their position in the election spot.

16:55 133 requests for voting via letters approved, demonstrated in election spots:

By 15h 5.341 (48,6%) citizens voted, according to OIK. In the words of President of OIK Jovanka Laličić, based on their data, the election is passing without irregularities.

“We can note that the election is passing without major irregularities. There were some issues resolved on the fly, pertaining mainly to electronic devices”, Jovanka Laličić said to Radio Tivat.




CDT was notified about an activist of one party who is bringing voters to the election spot number 10 – Kalimanja obala.

“Members of the board asked for this practice to cease”, they said in CDT.


In 13h, the voter turnout was 39,6%.


“DPS has the majority of official party representatives in election spots – 90%, SD and Bokeški Forum – 84%, Cdu – 79% and Arsenal for Tivat – 74%”, they said in CEMI.

13:03 MANS: Number of irregularities

Election day in Tivat is passing with many irregularities, and it is immediately clear that improvements need to be made in the implementation of the system for electronic identification of citizens in the parliamentary elections, it was said in MANS.

In many election spots there were issues with the system, both technical and due to the lack of experience with use and procedures of the system by the electoral boards.

In one spot, the machine was stuck, and in three spots it printed two conformations for one voter due to mishandling of the device.

MANS warned that in most election spots observers do not have an overview of the devices’ screens, and in some spots, not even the board members have a clear picture.

“In many elections spots it was noted that the board members are unfamiliar with procedure which results in irregularities. Irregularities were not recorded immediately as the law obligates, but in the end of the day”, MANS stated.

Similar reasons were the cause of a problem from last elections repeating. Board members accept irregularly submitted requests for voting via letters, without the signatures of the individuals who wish to vote in this manner.

MANS observers have noticed that certain individuals who are not members of the board spent long time in the election spots, casting doubt of illegal evidence of the voters, in order to create pressure for them.

There were also some secrecy of vote issues, when members of the board saw the election ticket but did not annul it.


“In almost all of the election spots, the flags are located in the election room, not the entrance to the election spot”, they said in CDT.



CEMI noted an irregularity in election spot 16.

“The citizen voted and left the cabin with the ticket, returning after 5 minutes. The board has allowed him to cast the vote”, they said in the organization.


CEMI observers grade the work of electoral boards during the opening of election spots as good, with an average grade of 3,42 out of 4, or 85,5 out of 100.


CDT informed that by 11h 2.804 (25,3%) citizens voted, while CEMI put the number at 25,2%.

10:57 No major problems during the elections

CEMI stated that minor technical issues were successfully removed, although the voting processed was stopped at certain cases.

CEMI noted that the observers can not see the screen of electronic identification devices, due to its position. It happened in election spot 14 in Krašići (no technical possibility in the room), BM 3 Tivat I, BM 10 Kalimanj obala, BM 1 Lepetane, BM 7 Kalimanj I, BM 12 Đuraševići.

In election spot 17, the president allowed an observer to screen his ID, although this is forbidden.

In election spot 13, the voting was interrupted for 20 minutes, due to ID issues of one voter. He was given an ID with incomplete data. After consultations with OIK and DIK, the voter was allowed to vote. It was put in record.

“Depending on the pace of work of electoral boards, CEMI will have projections for results 60 to 90 minutes after the election spots have been closed”, they said in this organization.


CDT warned political parties that an election spot entails the facility in which the voting is happening, as well as the facility’s yard, so that they would remove the activists who are making pressure on the voters.

“In front of election spots 11 and 18 (Gradiošnica) and spot number 8 (Češljar), a presence of individuals who were there since the opening was noted. They attempted communication with the voters. Parties had two months to campaign, and today they should let the voters vote undisturbed”, they said in CDT.



In election spot 18 Gradiošnica, two individuals voted publicly.

“Electoral board did not annul these tickets, but both cases were noted in the record”, they said in CDT.


CDT observers noted that persons with disabilities have limited access in every third election spot in Tivat.




The issue with the electronic device in Kalimanj I was due to mishandling of the device by the board member. The device is otherwise performing.


CEMI noted an irregularity in election spot 15.

“The voter photographed his ticket, showed it publicly, breaking the electoral procedure”, they said.


CEMI is overseeing Tivat elections with 33 observers. They noted few irregularities.

“In election spot 4 a married couple is voting together, which is forbidden. They were not prevented from doing so. Election spot6 has only two voters’ cabins, and the board allows three voters to enter at a time. In election spot 14, observers are unable to see the screens of electronic devices. The space does not allow the access”, they said n CEMI.


The voting was interrupted in election spot 7 Kalimanj I due to electronic identification system issues.

“The device did not print out the confirmation, and the voter could not vote. The board is working on a solution”, they said in CDT.




By 9h, 980 (8,9%) of citizens voted in Tivat, according to CDT.

8:30 Electronic identification working

Devices for electronic identification are functioning in all elections spots in Tivat, CDT confirmed.


In election spot 9, the board allows a few individuals at a time to enter the voters’ cabin.

“It is irregular because it disables the secrecy of vote”, they said in CDT.




CDT noted that the election spots in Investigative Jail in Podgorica and Corrections Home Podgorica opened late.

In the Investigative Jail, a transparent voters’ box had to be replaced with a non-transparent one, in accordance with the law.

“In the case of election spot Corrections Home Podgorica, the board members gather just around 7h, insted of two hours before”, they said in CDT.

In Investigative Jail in Podgorica, one person was denied voting due to missing ID, which is in accordance with the law that states a voter can not place a vote without showing a biometric ID or passport.



CDT observers noted that in many spots in Tivat (1, 2, 3, 9) the flags are located in the voters’ room, not at the entrance of the election spot, which decreases the recognizability of the spot.

Tivat elections are followed by NGOs CDT, MANS, CEMI and representatives of political parties. New electoral law will be applied, with all the changes passed since 2014.

CDT has 39 accredited observers.

For the first time, an electronic identification of biometrical ID or passports will be applied. Voting via letters will be done using a transportable box under seal, and there will be a system of voting for blind individuals.

There are 12 election lists competing in Tivat, DPS, DSS, SNP, LP, SRS, SDCG, HGI, SDP, Cdu, Bokeški Forum Tivat, Tivat Akcija and Arsenal for Tivat.


Source: Cafe Del Montenegro