Dragan Marovic agreed to spend 17 months in prison



Dragan Marovic, brother of high official from DPS Svetozar Marovic, signed a deal yesterday with Special prosecutor’s office for confession of the guilt in three affairs in Budva and should be released to freedom on Friday.

As Pobjeda reports, Marovic agreed to spend seventeen months in prison for public position abuse related to construction of TQ Plaza, plateau on Jaz, construction of lower city boulevard from the Post office to Adriatic fair and a village road towards Krapina, where municipality of Budva was damaged for several million euros.

His attorney, lawyer Zdravko Begovic said that because of the secrecy of the process he cannot reveal details from the investigation.

He said that his client’s detention expires on Friday and that he expects him to be free soon.

Marovic has been in detention since 13th of August last year.

His brother Svetozar Marovic was arrested on 17th of December last year due to malversations in eight affairs in Budva and is also negotiating with the prosecution to reach an agreement. The final decision on the agreement will be made by the court.

Agreement for the confession of the guilt was signed at the beginning of this year by Svetozar’s son Milos too. As a guarantee that he will pay the debt of 380.000 euros that he’s obliged to by the agreement, he put mortgage on three apartments.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro