Dragan Marović confessed: The criminal organization was lead by Svetozar

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Dragan Marović, Svetozar Marović’s brother, has confessed to being involved in fraudulent activities in two of Budva’s affairs. He damaged Municipality of Budva in favor of Gugi komerc company. He was a secretary of investment in Budva in 2007, and he admitted to being a member of a criminal organization lead by his brother Svetozar Marović.

He had a hearing in Higher Court in Podgorica with judge Boris Savić, and he confirmed that he agrees to the punishment of prison for seven months, as it is written in his plea bargain.

Marović admitted his guilt in cases TQ Plaza and construction of the lower boulevard in Budva and Krapina case.

Damages in Krapina case are 1.150.457,607 EUR, while the lower boulevard case cost the Municipality 3.706.160,57 EUR.

Prosecutor Saša Čađenović read the charges at the hearing that was open to public, and judge Boris Savić inquired inquired about the circumstances of the plea bargain, and whether the prosecution was influenced by third parties. The prosecutor denied any pressure.

Čađenović said he decided upon this punishment keeping in mind written evidence and findings of expert witnesses. He was asked whether he was under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or pills during the signing of the bargain, which he firmly denied.

Marović’s attorney Zdravko Begović made a statement, saying his client did not acquire illegal funds in these affairs, and that was the reason he was not punished for those charges.

“That can be the only satisfaction for him after the agony he has been put through”, Begović said.

Dragan Marović was arrested on August 13th last year. He spent nine months in prison, and was let go after he admitted to his guilt. At first, he denied any involvement.

After the six months, he was released from prison, and greeted by inspectors from the Department for fighting organized crime. He was arrested again on the warrant of Special Prosecutor Saša Čađenović, who had reason to believe that was involved with his brother Svetozar Marović and several other Budva citizens in damaging the Municipality’s budget for tens of millions of EUR in the cases “Kopirajt”, “Propertis investment”, “Bulevar”, “Krapina” and “Otpadne vode”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro