Dragan Marovic released from prison



Brother of Svetozar Marovic, Dragan Marovic, left the prison in Spuz, after he had signed an agreement with the prosecution yesterday to confess the guilt.

Marovic was arrested on 13th of August last yeat under suspicion that he was involved in corrupt activities during the construction of TQ Plaza and Jaz plateau.

He spent nine months in prison, and was released to freedom after he decided to plead guilty although initially he denied to do that.

Marovic pleaded guilty in the case of TQ Plaza and construction of the lower boulevard in Budva in village Krapina.

He was already released from prison once, but only shortly.

After the six months period expired he was released from prison, but at the exit was arrested again under new charges in cases of affairs “Kopirajt”, “Propertis investment”, “Boulevard”, “Krapina” and “Wastewater”.

As Pobjeda reported yesterday, Dragan Marovic agreed to a sentence of 17 months.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro