Draganić: We lack high category hotels

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Tourist offer is better than last year’s, but not significantly, said President of the Board of Directors of Primorje Hotels&Restaurants Božidar Draganić, adding that we lack high category hotels that would increase Montenegro’s attractiveness as a destination.

Draganić explained the shortcomings of the tourist offer, adding residential buildings as one of them.

“In this way, some of the most beautiful locations were turned into residential objects”, Draganić said to Mina Business Agency.

On je, govoreći o problemu crnogorskog turizma, odnosno kratkom trajanju sezone, ocijenio da je jedan od uzroka tog problema nedostatak ideja u turističkoj zajednici.

“We are witness to the fact that the majority of big festivals happen in season, instead of being strategic and setting a date before or after the season”, he said. His company owns hotel Palma in Tivat and Palmon Bay in Herceg Novi. This hotel received prestigious award Wild Beauty as the best hotel last year.

He added that one of the shortcomings are bad traffic connections, especially by airplane. The climate limitations for before and after season characteristic of the Mediterranean must be taken into account, but that is not the reason to do nothing during that time.

According to him, the state and the municipalities need to leave the phase of law writing and unnecessary economic management. Instead, they should control and do inspections, sanctioning unwanted occurrences.

“No law, no matter its quality, does not mean anything without its proper implementation. We have touristic villas that serve as apartments, and hotels without the reception and staff. It makes the companies who are primarily oriented to hotels unable to be competitive in that kind of market”, he said.

Draganić said that security issues in Turkey will influence this year’s season in Montenegro.

“Not only in Turkey, but also in Egypt, Tunisia and others, will change the direction of the market towards safer destinations in the Mediterranean, and one of them is, fortunately, Montenegro“, naveo je Draganić.

He has high expectations when it comes to company Primorje Hotels&Restaurants, and they are based on signed contracts with tourist workers.

“Primorje Hotels&Restaurants offers 157 rooms of high standard in Igalo and Tivat. We are now completing two hotel beaches of 500 sports, with all modern additional services based on highest standards of hospitality”, Draganić said.

In this company, Draganić claims, they adhere to the tried recipe for hospitality, and that is service, service, service, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro