Drecun: Carefully towards economic growth predicted by World Bank

Montenegro can very quickly reach a high rate of growth, but also it can very quickly get into the zone recession and low growth if some wrong move is withdrawn, economic analyst Predrag Drecun said.

Commenting the economic report of the World Bank for South East Europe presented in Sarajevo yesterday, in which economic growth in Montenegro by 3.4 per cent (the highest in the region)is predicted, Drecun said to Radio Antena M that such predictions are not surprising.

He added that it is known what is needed so that the economy continues to grow in 2016 – a political consensus in order to achieve a greater number of investments.

“If there are no investments, we will enter again into a problem because our foreign trade deficit is still big with no chance of being covered. I would suggested Montenegro to invest in agriculture, energy and infrastructure”, Drecun said.

Economic activity in the six South East European countries (SEE6) is picking up speed, and growth in the region is expected to average 1.8 percent in 2015, compared to only 0.3 percent in 2014, according to the World Bank’s latest South East Europe Regular Economic Report (SEE RER). Private investment has become the main driver of regional growth in SEE6.

The highest growth rates projected for 2015 are 3.4 percent for Montenegro and 3.2 percent for FYR Macedonia; the lowest is Serbia’s 0.5 percent. Although lagging behind rest of the SEE6 region, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are recovering faster than expected from the floods of 2014.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro