Drecun: World Bank forecasts real

World Bank forecasts about the recovery of the Montenegrin economy and GDP growth of 3.4 percent this year are realistic, believes economic analyst Predrag Drecun.

He stated that it is expected investments to be realized that did not begin last year and the year before.

“Now it is certain that the highway investment will begin, it is the basic investment for our future development. Therefore, for me there is no surprises.” Drecun said for Radio Antena M.

The World Bank stated that public debt can be concern, but that the level of foreign direct investment remained at a high level. It is necessary to change the structure of investment, because it is usual tendency to invest in real estate and the financial sector rather than in manufacturing.

“It would be good if there will be any growth in production and when it could be maintained at a stable level. We need to understand this criticism in good faith and move into growth of primarily agricultural production.” Drecun said.

Recently, the Deputy Prime Minister for economic policy Vujica Lazovic said that in 2015, expects 400 million of foreign investment.

Drecun says that this expectation is justified.

“The opening of new banks in Montenegro primarily indicates that there is a crisis somewhere in other areas and that in this context Montenegro could be a utility service to attract investment, not only for themselves but also the region. In this I see a chance and opportunity, “Drecun concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro