Đukanović: Construction on Block II of TE Pljevlja to begin in September

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If the Parliament passes an agreement with Czech Republic by July 31st, we can expect the beginning of the construction Block II of TE Pljevlja by September, said Prime Minister Milo Đukanović during a working visit to Pljevlja.

Đukanović spoke with president of the municipality and president of city assembly, municipality leadership and directors of public institutions.

“Keeping in mind difficult situation the local administration found here, we can still note some progress in a good direction. The debt of Pljevlja has decreased and has been reprogrammed through an arrangement that ensures regular payments and creates conditions for savings that could be invested in development”, Đukanović said at a conference held with Mayor Mirko Đačić, portal PV info reports.

Đukanović was pleased with planned investments and constructions being done in Pljevlja in infrastructure and traffic.

“There is still room for improvement, especially in environment, unemployment as well. We paid special attention to these subjects and tried to define possible answers and solutions for cooperation of central and local leadership”, Prime Minister added.

Đukanović believes that is good that the Government discussed Block II of TE Pljevlja.

“During the last session, we went through a document that ensures an agreement between Montenegro and Czech Republic, as a legal basis for signing a contract between EPCG and Škoda Praha. Today the agreement was given for signing the contracts”, Prime Minister said.

Đukanović focused on environment projects as well. He said that projects of sanation of Maljevac and Gradac, city collector and water management cost country 40 million EUR in investments.

He thinks that current issues between ”Vektra Jakić” – Pljevlja need to be resolved with mutual respect of interests, but that every company must pay its taxes on time.

“It is the only way for the country and municipalities to function”, he said.

Mayor Mirko Đačić thanked members of the Government for the visit and underscored a need for help from the state for better development of Pljevlja.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro