Đukanović: DPS gave way to Montenegro’s accomplishments

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Montenegro has made a serious step forward toward accomplishing economic and democratic development, and DPS has paved this road during the last ten years, said leader of DPS, Milo Đukanović.

During a session of the Council for monitoring implementation of electoral programs, he said that statesmen work never ends, and that Montenegro is at the beginning of emancipation process.

“It is true that we have saved Montenegro from war, lead it to economic stability, regained independence, put it on the road to EU, but we can understand that this is just a beginning of a process that entails Montenegro becoming one of the most developed European countries”, Đukanović said.

Đukanović believes that every election has to be earned, and the winner must be to citizens’ benefit.

“Every leadership is obligated to remain innovative, creative, to recognize national, regional and global challenges, and try to face them and adjust to inevitable flows of the global scene”, Đukanović said.

He said that the leadership has achieved success in the past period, but that this does not guarantee its future success.

“Future challenges will be different from those faced by Montenegro and DPS so far”, he said.

In the oncoming period, DPS wants to see life quality improvement in Montenegro.

“We must be aware that DPS is to thank for a few very important resolved matters”, added Đukanović.

He said that oncoming elections will be a precedent.

“They close the first road of strategic change in the concept of Montenegro’s development, that has formally begun in 2016”, Đukanović said.

By joining NATO, Montenegro will silence dilemmas and doubts that have been troubling it for almost a century.

“Montenegro answered this question on May 21st 2006, but historical depth of divide in Montenegrin society gives way to political manipulators who would like to put doubts on the finality of this matter”, Đukanović said.

He believes that this matter will be closed by Montenegro joining NATO, thus reaffirming the actions of the last decade.

“Montenegro does not renounce its identity and foundation. It only attempts to understand and adjust to global currents”, he said..

He said that the opposition entered the Government so the conditions for a more efficient work of the Government are better after the October elections.

“Our work was made difficult during the last three and a half years, due to one party’s destruction from within”, Đukanović said.

“Now we enter elections with a changed structure, thus making an advantage of leadership in the elections relative. We want the opposition to put away its doubts in the institutions of Montenegro”, he added.

He said that these elections would be the most difficult.

“We did it (let the opposition in), believing in our strength and ability to win the elections“, Đukanović said.

Speaking of Brexit, Đukanović said that every country’s democratic decision must be respected.

“We asked for this right for ourselves, and we extend it to everyone”, said Đukanović, adding that this decision has been seen as controversial on international and local political scene.

“In our local scene, this decision gave strength to those who wish to stop Montenegro’s way to EU”, Đukanović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro