Đukanović: Important that Government and Parliament support TE Pljevlja second block

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At today’s Government session lead by Prime Minister Milo Đukanović, Information on activities of construction of Block II of TE Pljevlja was passed. Study of feasibility was read, that states that the project is financially sustainable. Prime Minister said that it is important that Government and Parliament stand behind this project, in order to send a good message to the international public and those who will work on the project in the next three years.

The information reads that the last suggested price of company Škoda Praha is 324.878.645 EUR, while Government’s work team suggested 321.685.000 EUR.

The Government charged a work team to finish the negotiations in the deadline of seven days, in accordance with the elements defined in the Information.

The Government formed a working team lead by executive director of Coal Mine Pljevlja, that should define an optimal model of functioning by November 1st, for the Coal Mine and TE Pljevlja.

Keeping in mind that the Contract of services rendered in the main project and Contract on construction entail that the Block II of TE Pljevlja be a heat source for Pljevlja, the Government recommended that the activities on this project be an important ecological issue for the Municipality.

Reorganization of the public sector

In order to create efficient and economic public administration, the Government passed a Report on implementation of Plan of internal reorganization of public sector in 2015.

The implementation should contribute to lesser number of employed in the administration, better HR management, more efficiency and better quality of services. In accordance with that, the Government tasked Ministry of Internal Affairs to use the Strategy of reform of public administration until 2020 in order to determine still unaccomplished goals from the Plan and decide on the next steps.

Negotiations on new credit arrangements

The Government considered the Information on negotiations with Deutsche Bank, Erste Group Bank AG, Societe General and OTP Group about finalizing new credit arrangements and Information on draft of the Law on amendments in the Law on budget of Montenegro for 2016.

Working conclusion on this subject entails a meeting between president of Commission for political system, internal and foreign policies and Commission on economic policies and financial systems and Minister of Finance.

New solutions on minority rights and freedoms

Draft on the Law on amendments on the Law on minority rights and freedoms was adjusted to Government’s strategy on minority policies and international contracts and documents brought by UN and Council of Europe.

The amendments bring new solutions acquired after passing the Law, such as Minority Fund and Center for preservation of minorities’ culture.

The Government passed amendments on draft of the Law on communal activities and draft of the Law on legalization on informal objects. Vice Prime Minister Azra Jasavić, Minister of Finance Raško Konjević and Minister of Internal Affairs Goran Danilović spoke on these issues.

Study mouth of Sutorina to be made

Decision to make a study for location Sector II – mouth of Sutorina – Igalo was passed. The Decision forbids construction on the area that study encompasses, for the period of one year.

The Government passed Strategy on managing and developing human resources in the justice system 2016-2018, that is based on the analysis of current state. Directions to take are: Council of Courts, courts, Council of Prosecution, state prosecutions, Center for court training and State Prosecution, bailiffs and notaries.

The Strategy strengthens budget control in human resources, ethics area, and problem resolutions.

Information on Bilateral agreement between Montenegro and Albania was passed as well, pertaining to Program of cross-border cooperation within IPA II 2014-2020.

The Government agreed on Decision on dividing resources from games of luck for 2016.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro