Đukanović: Opposition defended Milosevic and now presents itself as the bearer of progress

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Prime Minister and President of the Democratic Party of Socialists, Milo Djukanovic, said in an interview for Pobjeda daily that it is of paramount importance that the new parliament generates a convincing majority to support the European and Euro-Atlantic path of Montenegro. Speaking of political competition in the upcoming elections, Mr. Djukanovic said the same opposition leaders who defended the regime in Belgrade in the 90s are now “falsely claiming to be democrats and carriers of progress”.

Opposition needs to explain how come they defended Milosevic in Belgrade, against democratic Serbia and against Montenegro, when we needed changes, said Prime Minister, adding that the only thing parts of the opposition stand for is the anti-Europe, anti-NATO and anti-Montenegro idea.

Commenting the fact that the opposition claims the most important thing is to remove DPS from power and remove him, Djukanovic said his opponents often use such phrases, like they don’t care whether they gain power or revoke Montenegro’s independence – they “just” want Milo to go.

But selling this story to Montenegrin people is not so easy, says Djukanovic, because people know how much DPS did for the county.

“Montenegro is not the country of dumb, politically blind people. They will give their response to the opposition in the forthcoming election. The problem with the majority of opposition is that they don’t understand that old tricks, fraud and manipulation, no longer work – not even in the Balkans”, the Prime Minister said.

Djukanovic added the opposition falsely believes they have mastered the momentum, because this is the time when their interests and lust for power coincide with a major power which strongly opposes the expansion of NATO.

“These are all illusions. In order to win power in any country, you must first demonstrate at least fundamental loyalty to it. Willingness to think and work for its sake.. But opposition leaders did not show any of this.. Some of them like to insult and degrade Montenegro, desiring only to return it to the stage of primitivism, savagery and serving foreign interests. But civil Montenegro will not allow this”, Djukanovic said.

The leader of DPS said he plans a special package of measures to help the most vulnerable groups of citizens.

“For example, to those citizens who had to take consumer loans only to survive. We want to help them remedy their obligations to banks. We also want to continue supporting entrepreneurship, as this has always been our policy. We will now offer even better conditions, for young people, for women in business… For those who have a higher education diploma, we have already offered interest-free loans. We will now offer them also to workers who have lost their jobs as redundant workers. Furthermore, we will give new incentives for employers who employ these people, given the fact that many of them won’t decide to start their own business. In addition, we will create new solutions to IRF borrowers for valid collaterals, since this was one of the biggest problems for people to enter the world of entrepreneurship and business”, Djukanovic said.

He stressed that the DPS will run on these elections independently.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro