Đukanović: Relations between Montenegro and Serbia have never been better

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I am not overstating when I say that the past decade has been one of the most successful in Montenegrin history. That is a confirmation of the righteousness of our strategic course, Prime Minister Milo Đukanović said in an interview to Politika daily.

He added that relations between Serbia and Montenegro have never been better.

“Present generations should not fight lost fights”, he said.

According to him, Montenegro was the most underdeveloped republic in former Yugoslavia, and today it is one of the most attractive tourist and investment destinations in this part of Europe.

“Average yearly growth of BDP during those ten years was 3,2%. In 2006, our country was at the 30% level of development in European standards, and today that percent is close to 42%”, he added.

He reminded that Montenegro is soon to become a member of NATO.

“Ten members of the Alliance have already ratified the Accession Protocol. We have a stable progress toward EU. From 33 chapters we opened 24 and temporarily closed 2. These are the results much bigger countries would be proud of”, he said.

When asked whether NATO and Russia tensions could influence political scene in Montenegro, Đukanović said that geopolitical interests have always had an influence on Balkans.

“Montenegro is directly influenced, because we stand at NATO doors, in a time of their tensions with Russia. Moscow has always opposed NATO expansion. Montenegro is in a special focus of Russia. Keep in mind centuries old relations we have with Russia, that serves to escalate the emotions. We can notice it during elections campaigns, when our opponents are trying to play the Russian card”, Đukanović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro