Đukanović: The state will help young entrepreneurs, and the afflicted to have secure existence

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Prime Minister and leader of DPS Milo Đukanović spoke to TV Nikšić tonight saying that they would focus to helping young people start their own businesses, socially afflicted to have secure existence, those in debt to pay off their credits.

Prime Minister said that the regular payout of pensions is not under question, as they were not late even for a day during the last ten years.

There are new measures in place that will encourage new businesses.

“We have already provided interest free credits to youth that has graduated, and now we are trying to find new stimulants, for young people and women in business… At the same time, we are trying to be socially responsible and keep special attention on people who suffered in transition, to help them to have secure existence. We are also thinking of workers who became redundant or their companies went bankrupt. These people, should they start businesses again, will get interest free credits, and if they do not want to do this, we will make it easier for employers to hire them, so that they do not feel like losers, they should feel like the state of Montenegro is taking care of them”, Prime Minister Đukanović said.


To help with debts

Speaking of those at most risk, workers who lost jobs due to bankruptcy or redundancy, Prime Minister said that measures are in place.

“These difficult years of social changes, transitions, crisis made many people take credits with banks and acquire debts. We are thinking of offering social help to those who have credits in banks, in the amount of say 5.000 EUR, so we can help them pay this off. We believe that once we solve this issue, some of them will have a more creative approach to solving the matter of their existence… We believe this is a responsible move of the state. We had a difficult decade, but we are still far from the worst that has been seen in the region. Our neighbours decreased pensions and salaries, and in Montenegro we did not do that, and we were never late. Now we want to help with debts to those most afflicted, in order to demonstrate sensibility and affirm social stability”, Prime Minister said.

Seniors need not to worry

When asked whether the pensions would be late or decreased, Đukanović clearly stated that “the seniors should not be afraid about the regularity of their payments”.

“This is the part of state policy that I am especially proud of. We never allowed for pensions to be late, nor have we decreased them. We actually increased them over the years, and there can be no chance of tardiness in payouts. Seniors deserved regular income. However our economic basis does not allow us to increase the pensions to the level they should be at, because we would damage our youth. No responsible parent wants to do that. The level of pensions will remain, we will work to stimulate entrepreneurship, have important investments, spread the basis and create conditions for the growth of salaries and pensions”, Prime Minister said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro