Đukanović to lead MVPEI: Jasavić Government’s Vice President, Mugoša a minister

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Prime Minister Milo Đukanović has suggested that Azra Jasavić be named as Vice President of the Government and Branimir Mugoša as Minister of Agriculture. During the session of Council for monitoring implementation of electoral program of DPS, he said he would govern Ministry of Foreign Affairs and EU Integration MVPEI, until a new minister is chosen.

This matter will be official at Government’s session on Thursday, and this suggestion needs to be supported in the Parliament as well.

“In the meantime, a process of reconstruction has started in MVPEI, especially in positions of first associates to the minister. I do not believe that this situation will influence the quality of performed obligations Montenegro has planned in the way of foreign politics“, Đukanović said.

He said that he is working to choose a new minister and he is considering all possible solutions, MINA reported.

“I am trying to reach a long-term solution. I am trying to find a best solution. As soon as I have it, I will suggest it“, Đukanović said.

He was asked for a comment on insinuations of Vice President of the Government Milorad Vujović, who stated that ministers from opposition face obstacles. Đukanović said that these remarks do not have a basis in fact.

“I know what is Vujović talking about. They are interested in things not entailed in the Agreement or Lex Specialis”, Đukanović said.

According to him, if someone is to make a revision in the work of the Government, it is to be an institution of the system.

“It is not up to any minister, from leadership or opposition. I have supported opposition ministers in the Government. I did not do it so we could make a farce out of it. I repeat, everyone should consult with the Agreement and Lex Specialis”, he added.

According to him, last four years clearly demonstrated weakness in Montenegrin political system.

“This weakness was generated by an unexpected, irresponsible behaviour of one of the partners in the leading coalition. The functioning of the political system was slowed down, as were decision-making processes and the work of administration”, Đukanović said.

This problem will now be resolved, and there is a chance for the continuation of efficient process of solving developmental matters.

During the session, a point of discussion was the quality of services citizens should be offered from the leadership.

“We have looked back at the past four years objectively, thought about the challenges we have faced, and recognized responsibilities in different sectors”, Đukanović said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro