Đukanović unhappy: Some ministries falling back, no break in August

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Prime Minister Milo Đukanović is unhappy with the implementation of Program of work for the Government in the second quarter of this year, saying that some ministries finished their work on time, while some have not. Those who failed to accomplish their tasks will do so in August.

Today, Government passed the Report on work for second quarter of 2016 with the Report on implementation of conclusions of the Government for the first quarter of this year.

Prime Minister is not happy with the work done in the second quarter. He said that some ministries accomplished their tasks on time, while some are falling seriously behind.

On Đukanović’s suggestion, a conclusion was passed that August be used by some ministries to accomplish what they did not during the quarter. New report will be discussed at a session during next month.

Strategy of development of information society of Montenegro until 2020 passed

The Strategy passed today defines infrastructure for wide approach, information security, human resources, e-business, e-inclusion, e-education, e-health, e-administration, innovations and development.

“Main goal is to use benefits of modern technology in order to strengthen national position on the market and improve quality of life in all society’s structures. Goals set are in accordance with current development of IT technology in Montenegro, with respect to accomplished results and EU standards”, it was said in the Government.

Danilović against military actions that fall outside of UN

The Government confirmed draft of the Law on amendments on the Law of placing Montenegro’s Army in international forces and participation in civil and police protection.

“This draft removes legal and administrative obstacles for joint actions of Montenegro and NATO forces in accordance with Article 5 of the Alliance’s contract. There is a possibility to engage Army of Montenegro in collective defense, with no obstacles in the system”, it was stated.

Minister Goran Danilović stated his opinion against Army of Montenegro’s participation in missions that are not under UN supervision and acceptance.

In order to balance salaries in public sector, the Government passed a Directive on earnings for individuals working in Army of Montenegro.

The Government passed a Report on work of Council for development of NGOs for September 2014 – December 2015.

“Keeping in mind the specific structure of the Council and its challenges, the Government tasked state administration to be a consultant in strategic and other activities pertaining to NGO’s activities”, it was stated.

Second report on implementation of Strategy of development of NGOs in Montenegro 2014 – 2016 was passed as well.

“The Government noticed that the level of implementation is still low, although there is an improvement compared to the First report. Council for development of NGOs is in charge with warning state administration to take activities for the implementation of Action plan by the fourth quarter of 2016 the latest”, it was stated in the Government.

Đukanović: Draft of Law on amendments on Law on budget and credits to be discussed in cabinet

When it comes to current issues, the Government discussed information presented by Minister of Finances on directions of macroeconomic and fiscal policies, draft of Law on amendments on Law on budget and credits.

Đukanović suggested that the directions should be finalized in accordance with current date presented by ministries.

Prime Minister concluded that the draft of this Law should be first discussed in cabinet, in order to define clear directions for the session of the Government.

Minister of Traffic and Maritime Affairs Ivan Brajovic gave the Government and information on strike of workers of Montenegro Railways.

Minister introduced the Government on the dialogue so far, and workers’ intentions to go on strike August 25th, if their requests are not met. The Government concluded that this matter must be discussed in regular procedure.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro