Đukanović with ambassadors: Preparations for the elections underway

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President of the Government Milo Đukanović met today with ambassadors of EU countries. The meeting was organized by Embassy of Slovakia in cooperation with EU Delegation in Podgorica, in celebration with this country six months term of presiding Council of EU.

Đukanović presented accomplishments so far and introduced ambassadors with current activities and plans in negotiation process until the end of 2016, especially in terms of EU integration.

“Montenegro is becoming solely dedicated to EU membership, due to the idea of united Europe, and citizens’ support to the project of integration”, it was said in the Government.

He expressed satisfaction at conclusions of recent Paris Summit, saying that Berlin Process moved to positive changes in the region, and is a great encouragement to Montenegro and other countries to continue on the EU path.

Prime Minister said that the preparations for October elections are underway, saying that OSCE and ODHR cooperation in this segment is very important.

“He pointed to the importance of forming the Government of electoral trust and expressed expectation that successful elections will cast away doubts of transparency, regularity and quality of elections”, it was stated.

U ime zemalja članica EU i slovačkog predsjedništva ambasador Roman Hlobenj je pohvalio lidersku ulogu Crne Gore u procesu NATO i EU integracije.

Roman Hlobenj, on behalf of Slovakia and EU, congratulated Montenegro on its leading role in the region when it comes to EU and NATO integration.

“He underlined the historical achievement of Milo Đukanović’s government with NATO. He said Slovakia is dedicated to EU expansion policy, and said he expects to see Montenegro open new chapters and close the ones that are ready”, it was stated in the Government.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro