Dynamic growth and new jobs in 2015.

The economic policy of the Government this year will continue to be focused on the implementation of measures which should contribute to a more dynamic economic growth and job creation, Finance Minister, Radoje Zugic said.

“In this regard, we continue to attract investment and the implementation of important structural reforms, which will improve the business environment, but also the competitiveness of our economy,” Zugic said in the Annual Report of the Ministry for the last year.

He said that these are the essential questions of the future of the Montenegrin society and every individual.

“From economic growth, new investments, raising the quality of infrastructure, exports and other economic parameters, depends the creation of new jobs, the amount of wages and pensions, and personal and social standards in the country and its future,” Zugic said.

According to the Government estimation, he said, expectations are that the average annual growth rate of GDP in the coming four years would be at the level of about 3.8 percent.

“Behind us is another year in which we have been able to respond to a number of fiscal and economic challenges that are the track and achieve its objectives, which were very ambitious,” Zugic concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro