Dzomic will be back

Administrative Court granted the request of Archpriest Velibora Džomić and issued an interim order allowing him to stay in Montenegro until the completion of an administrative dispute with the court, said his lawyer, Zoran Piperović.

According to Piperovic, current expulsion of Dzomić followed after three granted temporary stay, “is the bare defiance of the MUP of Montenegro”.

“I hope that he will be able to enter the territory of Montenegro with new court decision ,unless MUP, and I would not be surprised, make some new unpleasant surprise and show father Velibor a new decision, based on new estimates of ANB” Piperović said.

“Here’s a test to legal state of Montenegro – whether its state authorities will comply with the Court’s position in relation to the citizen, even if he was a stranger, or with the attitude of the police bureaucracy that is the bare defiance and nothing more,” said Piperović.

He said he hoped Konjevic would be reasonable enough and that he would not , as he said, make defiance when it comes to this.

“He should remember that the US State Department on human rights for the last year in Montenegro, cited the case Dzomić and stated that his human rights were violated,” recalled Piperović.

Decision of the Ministry of the Interior that Dzomic should leave Montenegro was based on the opinion of the Agency for National Security that he is a threat to national security.

Dzomic left Montenegro on February 8, after taking the MUP decision from PodgoricaSecurityCenter.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro