E-Gambling on Dan and Vijesti’s reporting: They are tarnishing our reputation on behalf of another company

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In their reporting on the E-Gambling company, daily newspapers Vijesti and Dan showed our company in a bad light, by distorting facts and believing in all the pieces of information their sources presented to them, in this particular case the acting director of the Administration for Games of Chance, Ilija Vukcevic, the company stated.

CdM news portal carries the full response of the E-Gambling company:

Firstly: We want to clarify that we are a foreign investment company that began investing in this country more than four years ago and it still does that. We have been granted a gambling concession, the necessary permits and approvals from the competent authorities (such as the Ministry of Finance) and started your own business in Montenegro in full compliance with the law. We do not steal money from this country and we obey its laws. In addition, we have also brought other foreign investors and partners, who establish their companies, pay taxes and provide jobs for local people. We use the services of local companies and pay for them.

Local, Montenegrin market does not represent our target group. We are rather focused on international online industry that brings together online players. For over three years we have participated in the largest gaming events, promoting Montenegro in the context of the industry as a country with a friendly economic environment and incredible natural beauty.

The intention of the author of the media campaign against the E-Gambling company is clear – to tarnish reputation of a company, probably on behalf of other, competing companies engaged in the same business, but in a less innovative way. The essence of all the allegations is that the author of the campaign, the spokesman of which is the acting director of the Administration for Games of Chance, Ilija Vukcevic, has not remembered or has been wrongly advised that it is possible to run this business in a simpler and less expensive way, by taking advantage of the law that makes it possible. An example of this is the fact that the law does not stipulate paying licences for each domain, although certain individuals want to interpret it in that way.

In previously published articles, before inspection bodies revealed any findings, Ilija Vukcevic, currently acting director and former director of the Administration for Games of Chance, had assessed that E-Gambling company was irregular, that it violated the law and concluded it was necessary to cancel the company’s licence for gambling.

Even then, we were very surprised that such a highly-ranked official of the Montenegrin state authorities might deliberately and consciously (and contrary to the law and general business ethics) publish his conclusions aimed at creating a negative and untrue image of E-Gambling company with the help of certain local media outlets.

Of course, such irresponsible behaviour of a highly-ranked public official, Ilija Vukcevic, shows direct, rather than alleged involvement and biasness, so our requiring his exemption from the entire case at the Ministry of Finance is a completely logical move of a responsible company.

After publishing a series of lies about E-gambling, daily newspaper Vijesti did not even deign to publish our response and thus clearly violated the media code by failing to provide opportunity for a reply to the other side, which is why we pressed relevant charges against this media outlet.

The latest inspection clear findings that the E-Gambling company is a fully regular company that operates in accordance with the law and not some frivolous company that constantly violates laws or an organised criminal group (as the author of the campaign wants to present it) show that the campaign was ordered and that its chief spokesman Ilija Vukcevic tells untruths.

The E-Gambling company continues to suffer huge losses due to the silence of the Administration for Games of Chance, ie silence of its director Ilija Vukcevic, who takes advantage of his office to prevent the operation of our company, tarnish its reputation among our partners and cause huge financial losses to them despite the positive findings of the inspection. As a responsible company that protects its partners, we have pressed all relevant charges and we will not give up on them until we prove we are right, finally stop this campaign against our company and prevent further blocking of our company’s work by Ilija Vukcevic who abuses his current post in the Administration for Games of Chance.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro