Earnings 5% higher on average

Salaries of all public sector employees on average will be increased by five per cent if parliament approves the draft law on salaries of civil servants, Pobjeda learns from the Ministry of Finance.

Ministry pointed out that the law increases the basic wage and abolishes fees for working bodies, commissions and the like. 8.42 million was planned this year for this item in the budget while 8.09 million was spent last year under other benefits in the budget, but it was added from the Ministry that it is not the final figure, because fees have not been paid from this position only.

“Therefore, the Ministry of Finance does not have the precise consumption on this basis, nor the data on the number of employees who have earned these benefits”, it was stressed from this department.

It is certain, they say, that if the law is adopted, all employees in the public sector will have higher salaries, but in a way to abolish fees for working bodies, commissions and similar forms as well as a large number of extras that incresed the earnigs and to translate these extras into the base salary.

“This increases the transparency of the salary system, reduces the possibility of abuse and promotes rewarding for the results through variable part of the salary”, it was explained from the Ministry.

It was pointed out from this department that neither the Prime Minister nor any member of the Government are in a group of 100 highest salaries, noting that earnings in the executive power branch were significantly lower compared to the other two branches of government.

They also explained that the position of “gross earnings” will be increased in the budge, but there will be no growth in expenditures of the planned budget.

“This will be achieved through savings in positions of other benefits and other positions in the budget”, it was specified from the Ministry.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro