Either Boycott or together in the elections

#PositiveMontenegro #MovementForNeutrality


A new political organization has been presented today in Podgorica, a civic movement that calls for resistance to hopelessness with the slogan “Trust the people, not parties.”

The Party leader is the former Positive Montenegro MP Mladen Bojanic, who said it was time “to turn the citizens”, which should be placed in the first row.

“We are gathered for the purpose of self-defense against irresponsible and insatiable power that threatens to swallow the future of this country, its people, but also the future generations,” Bojanic said.

He urged all opposition representatives to join together to boycott the elections or, if they decide to run for elections, to join one electoral list “All together”.

“We do not want to share the opposition on the sincere and the insincere, those for or against accession to NATO, according to the rhetoric of moderate and radical, national or civil, or to those who are closer to the protests and those who are part of the VIP,” Bojanic said.

He said that the program of the new political organization rests on four pillars – an uncompromising fight against corruption, a turn from the wrong economic policy based on myth or a hoax on the free market, insistence on sustainable development in harmony with nature, and mandatory referendums for important issues, crucial to the future of the country.

Former leader of the Movement for neutrality Marko Milacic also joined the new Movement saying that their policy will be clear and civil.

“We will not remain silent on the most important issues for the sake of political calculations. The policy will not be based on any national sign,” he said, adding that Montenegro should be a neutral country.

He said he would give his best that the entire opposition, “with all its defects, unites”.

“Together in the elections or together in a boycott of the elections – but if we see that they do not want to – we’re going alone. So: either together with all the others, or alone,” Milacic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro