Election silence tomorrow at midnight

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Election silence starts tomorrow at midnight in Herceg Novi ahead of local elections that will be held on Sunday.

12 lists of political parties, coalitions and citizens’ groups will participate In the elections.

Bokelj’s Democratic Alliance, Novska list, the Democratic Party of Socialists, Social Democrats, Demos, Civic List for Herceg Novi Miso Skobalj, Montenegrin, the Democrats, the Democratic Front, the Socialist People’s Party, Citizens group Choice, the Coalition of the Social Democratic Party – URA will be in the presidential race.

24.927 citizens have a right to vote and they will elect representatives for the 34 seats in Herceg Novi parliament.

Citizens will be able to vote at 51 polling stations in the municipality.

The Ministry of Interior (MUP) has established a call center 19820 on the eve of elections in Herceg Novi which will be held on 7 May.

“By calling this number and disclosing personal data (name, date of birth and name of a parent) or unique identification number, a citizen will obtain information from the operator about whether it is registered in the voters list and at which polling station it should vote,” it is stated from MUP.

Unique number 19820 is free and available to all users of mobile and fixed telephony in Montenegro.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro