Elections in Budva will not be repeated

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The Constitutional Court of Montenegro composed of: president Desanka Lopicic and judges – Milorad Gogic, Dragoljub Draskovic, Miodrag Ilickovic, Hamdija Sarkinovic and Budimir Scepanovic, rejected DPS’s appeal to repeat elections in Budva at today’s session.

The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) required repeating local elections at five polling stations in Budva due to, as they said, irregularities that happened on 16 October.

After the Municipal Election Commission in Budva rejected its complaint, DPS appealed to the Constitutional Court.

At local elections in Budva on 16 October, DPS won 12 out of 33 seats. The opposition won 17 seats and they have the majority to form the local government.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro