Elections in Montenegro on 16 October

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President Filip Vujanovic called today for the elections for deputies in the Parliament of Montenegro on October 16 this year.

“The decision shall enter into force upon its adoption and shall be published in the Official Gazette of Montenegro,” a statement from Vujanovic’s office said.

The Act stipulates that no less than 60 days nor more than 100 days could pass from scheduling until elections. It will be the tenth parliamentary elections since the introduction of multi-party and fourth in independent Montenegro.

Previous elections to the Parliament of Montenegro were held on 14 October 2012. Most seats (39) was then won by a coalition “European Montenegro” (DPS, SDP, LP), which secured majority to form Government in the post-election alliance with the parties of minorities.

Antena M reported earlier today that municipal elections in Budva, Kotor and Gusinje are to be held on the same day.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro