Elections legal, legitimacy doubtful

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Boycott of elections in Niksic by opposition certainly does not contribute to the assessment that they would be politically legitimate, said Professor Vladimir Goati.

He said that citizens would hardly consider credible the results of the elections in the municipality in which the election race involved only two parties.

“Elections can be legal, because the legality of indicates if something was prescribed by law or not. I guess they were called in accordance with the law, which means that elections in this case would be legal, but it is not sufficient for them to be legitimate,” Goati said for Pobjeda.

According to him, legitimacy would mean that the election results are credible and that they should be respected.

“Boycotting the elections is a very dangerous thing because democratic institutions are based on the elections and, if part of the society does not consider them to be authentic, that’s not good.

That means people will see local authorities as result of the elections that are deliberately boycotted by most political entities,” said Goati.

He said that probably public confidence in those institutions would not be created.

“This is the problem,” says Goati.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro