Elections or civic protest

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The Civic Movement (GP) URA sent to other opposition entities draft joint plan to resolve the political crisis which, after inter-oppositional conciliation, would be send to the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

Vice president of the GP URA, Dristan Abazovic said at the news conference that the opposition would organize civil protests if the DPS did not accept new elections and dialogue on the conditions for their maintenance.

The protest would be “focused exclusively on the common goal, which is the organization of free and fair elections in Montenegro”, said Aabazovic.

He said that the draft plan contains points around which so far existed overwhelming consensus of all opposition subjects.

“The document does not have any provision for a political program, but only the general positions which, according to our opinion, could encounter consent first of all of opposition subjects, and if we harmonize, to offer it to the DPS in order to resolve the crisis” explained Abazovic.

The draft plan envisages repeating parliamentary elections within a reasonable time, at the latest in parallel with the presidential election, in spring of next year, as well as repeating elections in Niksic, scheduled for March 12.

Local elections in all municipalities should be held along with the parliamentary.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro