Elections will be monitored by 35 representatives of the Council of Europe

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Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe accepted the invitation from the president of the parliament Darko Pajovic to monitor parliamenary elections which will be held in Montenegro on 16th of October, and formed a team of 35 people which will be in charge of this, it was confirmed to Dnevne newspaper from this European institution.

Bureau of the Parliament of the Council of Europe decided on the session held on 24th of June, to form a delegation that will monitor elections in Montenegro. The head of this delegation will be Joseph O’Reilly, and committee that will follow elections in our country will consist of members from several European parties.

From the Council of Europe was told to Dnevne newspaper that this decision is final and that the president of the Parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe Pedro Agramunt will notify Pajovic of this very soon.

Pajovic recently invited representatives of the Parliamentary assembly of the OSCE, ODIHR and the Council of Europe to monitor the parliamentary elections in Montenegro scheduled for 16th of October.

“Transparent, free and fair elections in accordance with international standards and best democratic practices in Europe is of extreme importance to Monteegro”, said Pajovic then. General secretary of OSCE Lamberto Zannier confirmed during his recent visit to Montenegro that this organization too will be actively involved in monitoring the elections in Montenegro.

Zannier said that OSCE will continue to support democratic processes in Montenegro and said that they will positively respond to the request for monitoring Montenegrin elections.

He said that it seems that political crisis in our country is finished and that the elections will be the new beginning which he hopes will be responsibly accepted by everyone.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro