Elections will define EU and NATO path

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Path towards the European Union (EU) and NATO could be continued only if pro-European forces would still define development of the country and that is why the elections are of special importance for the future of Montenegro,said Head of the Committee on the Affairs of the European Union of the German Bundestag Gunther Krichbaum

In an interview for the Pobjeda, he said that Montenegro’s economy is stabilized, membership in NATO is imminent and the accession negotiations with the EU are at the very good level.

“The positive development of Montenegro is closely linked to Djukanovic, whom country has a lot to thank. If the winners of the elections were to be forces that are against the European and trans-Atlantic course, all this would be risked,” said Krichbaum.

He believes that the forthcoming parliamentary elections in Montenegro would determine the future direction of development of the country.

“It will be decided on whether to continue current pro-European and transatlantic course or the country would be isolated,” said Krichbaum.

He said that by clearly opting for western integration, Montenegro has become a reliable partner and friend of the EU and in particular Germany.

“All this would be risked if the forces that are against the pro-European and trans-Atlantic course won the elections. That’s why these elections are of great importance for the future of Montenegro,” he said Krichbaum.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro