Elections will not be repeated

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Prime Minister Dusko Markovic has said he no longer even considers to invite opposition for talks again. He said that the Montenegrin Government must work on life issues adding that the opposition should go out of the cafe on Vektra Square and assume responsibility.

“If anyone invited them, it was me. Do you know what they have replied? ‘’It is out of the question’’. So, it is out of the question for me to ask them again. I find much more important what is happening here today and tomorrow in Cetinje and the day after tomorrow in Vracenovici and maybe next week again in Petnjica and in 15 days in Zabljak. We need to improve our ski resorts, our resorts and to create a new Montenegrin value,” Markovic said.

During the visit to construction site of the road section Bjelasica tunnel, Prime Minister said that all those who were sitting at home living on 2000 € state budget salary, would wait awhile for his call.

“We are open to dialogue, and we announced that dialogue. It is time for the opposition to assume the responsibility for the votes that the citizens gave them in the elections. That means that we all together – both the government and the opposition – should work in the interests of the state, seeking political mechanisms in the Parliament and ouside of it to overthrow the Government but, we all have to work in the interests of the state, “Markovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro