Emilfarb: I wish Gvozdenović worked for us, we would get the permits sooner

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This season we plan to rent 40 luxury apartments in Dukley Gardens, that will function as a hotel, Neil Emilfarb, President of Stratex Group, stated for Pobjeda.

He said that this is a completely new offer, but in the following years they have a plan to increase renting capacities, because owners of the apartments are interested to rent their properties during the season as well.

“The prices will range from 500 EUR to 2.000 EUR for a day in the apartment”, Emilfarb said in his interview to Pobjeda.

He said that there is a great interest for this offer from Russia, London and Albania. – Currently we are filling the capacities and doing booking through agencies and online touristic portals – President of Stratex Group explained.

He reminded that he has recently returned from Washington, where he spoke to a couple of senators, congressmen and representatives of State Department.

“The sole reason of my visit was promotion of Montenegro”, Emilfarb said, adding that Montenegro, now that it has received an invitation to join NATO, needs for the members of Alliance to know what are the internal economic relationships and legislation like in Montenegro.

“As you are aware, joining the Alliance is certain only if all of 100 senators agree. This is why it is important for them to know good things about Montenegro. It is important to them to see that there are successful American investments in Montenegro. If I tell them that things work well here, they will believe me, not because I am a person of great importance, but because I am an American investor who is successfully implementing his projects here,” Emilfarb explained.

He said that he was not going to mention this at this time, but he changed his mind.

“This is a year of elections and I think certain political parties should refrain from aggression towards foreign investors, in order to gain a few political points. I do not wish to give them advice, but I think they should earn their votes by talking with voters about local problems and ways to overcome them, as it is done in all democratic societies”, President of Stratex Group said, adding that he went to Washington on his own resources in order to help Montenegro, so he cannot understand how someone who was born and lives in Montenegro does not offer solutions for the problems, but spends time criticising everything around him

“I would like to look at the press conference of investors of Hotel As. First of all, I do not know these people. It is my understanding that they have been in the construction of this hotel for 14 years already, and that they have a problem with Montenegrin Government. Instead of trying to resolve their problems, they make speculations about Minister of Tourism Branimir Gvozdenović working for Stratex Group. I wish he was, because we would sooner acquire construction and other permits, but unfortunately, that is not the case”, Emilfarb explained.

To the investors of As, he would recommend to deal with their own business without involving Stratex Group, that has nothing to do with them.

“Shares of Budva Riviera, that they have mentioned, we acquired on the stock market for 30 million EUR. In a democratic country it is impossible for an investment of capital in the stock market to be seen in a negative connotation”, Emilfarb said.

He added that he lives in Montenegro, and that, if anyone has any questions, he is ready to answer them at any time.

“I especially wish to send a message to citizens of Old Town Budva. I am ready to sit with them and answer all of their questions related to our plans in the marina”, Emilfarb said.

He underlined that Stratex is connection with hotel chains that will manage their objects. Such is their partnership with Turkish Dogoš Group. The goal of that partnership is not to sell shares in Budva’s marina, but a cooperation, because Turkish company has a great experience in that field.

Emilfarb said that the object near Hotel Avala, known as Dukley Residences, will be done by the end of May.

“First Voli supermarket will be opened on the ground floor of that object on June 1st”, Emilfarb announced.

He reminded that they are still awaiting for construction permits for building a hotel with 5 stars and 130 rooms in Dukley Garden. They have been talking with chains Four Seasons, Mandarin and Oriental.

“We plan to start construction on marina in October, but it depends on acquiring necessary documentation”, Emilfarb concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro