End of negotiations with the EU until the 2019

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In the European Parliament we have set up a circle of friends of Montenegro because we believe that Montenegro can quickly become a member of the European Union.

I think that Montenegro can close all chapters by the end of the mandate of the European Parliament, and with any luck we’ll have Montenegrin coleagues too in the new assembly, said a European envoy Ivan Jakovcic.

He points out that the success of Montenegro can not be denied by anyone.

“I am very sorry that the President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker in his speech last Wednesday did not mention the expansion and the fact that Montenegro will be the first next member of the EU. Montenegro deserved it and we are proving here all the support it has in Parliament. Everything Montenegro is doing in the region is worthy of praise and so we need to maintain stability in such a seismically active area,” said Jakovcic for Pobjeda.

He said that the support of the European Parliament has not “fallen from the sky”.

“You deserve it because you have proven that you are able to meet the criteria as a society. My opinion is shared by a number of colleagues who have great influence on European policy. Here I must point out especially the role of the Prime Minister (Milo) Djukanovic, who has always been a factor of stability and a carrier of progress in the region. You see what is happening in the world, what challenges the EU is struggling with, and in such a complicated international circumstances the enlargement should remain a priority,” said Jakovcic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro