Enrollment where provided

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Prime Minister Dusko Markovic invited students to enroll the first year of the High Medical School (VMS) where it would be enabled, remarking that the Government of Montenegro would provide all necessary financial support.

Markovic said that if the University of Montenegro (UCG) ignored their request, “the Government will not insist on the legal possibility of introducing special measures for the realization of the public interest as the founder of the UCG.”

He reminded that the state policy of the Government of Montenegro was to make a decision about the opening of the VMS in Berane, 12 years ago, appealing to the University of Montenegro to “understand and support the strategic state policy and contribute to the faster development and progress of the north of Montenegro”.

“If Administrative Board of the UCG does not accept the Government’s decision, I recommend to students who intend to enroll the first year to do it where possible, while the Government will provide the necessary financial support,” Markovic said.

During the prime minister’s question time, he assessed that the recent controversy regarding the VMS in Berane was utterly meaningless.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro