Entering NATO – a historic moment

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President of Montenegrin Parliament Ivan Brajovic said that Montenegro’s accession to NATO is a historic moment for Montenegro.

The boycott of parliament by opposition, as he says, will inevitably reflect on the support given to the opposition by citizens.

“NATO accession is a historic moment for Montenegro and never, during the course of the decades of policy-making, I haven’t had the dilemma that it is the right path for our country. The generation of politicians I belong to has taken the responsibility to realize three major goals. The first one was achieved when we renewed Montenegro’s statehood, the second is Montenegro’s full membership in NATO, which means the long-term stability of the state and its contribution to the stability of the Western Balkans. The third goal is Montenegro’s membership in the European Union.” Brajovic said in an interview with daily Dnevne novine.

He also believes that the Assembly of Montenegro has full capacity and legitimacy to make this decision, because the citizens said they position on the election by voting for certain parties, so they “de facto pleaded for the fact that they are for or against ” Brajovic concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro