EPCG: Milan Perovic instead of Flavio Bianco

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The Board of Directors of the Electric Power Enterprise should in the next day or two remove the financial director of the company, Flavio Bianco, at the request of the strategic partner in EPCG, Italian company A2A, Pobjeda daily learned.

The Italian side is most probably pushing to dismiss Bianco because of the investigation being conducted by the Prosecutor’s Office of Montenegro, in which payment of several million euros worth of contracts was made from EPCG to A2A, allegedly for consulting services.

Chief Financial Officer of EPCG should now be Milan Perovic, again at the request of the Italian side.

Mr. Perovic is currently Director for Southeast Europe for a Milan-based Alkemy company, engaged in financial services and marketing. Previously, he was CEO of Montenegrin Telekom and chief executive officer and chairman of the board of directors of the First Bank.

Since 2009, when A2A took over management of EPCG, this is the fourth change of A2A executives, and second, when finances are concerned.

The Parliamentary Committee on Anti-Corruption, after hearing the stakeholders in October 2014, submitted to the Supreme State Prosecutor complete documentation on EPCG’s consulting contracts.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro