EPCG to buy M:tel or establish a new operator

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The Electric Power Company of Montenegro (EPCG) is interested in buying majority stake of the Montenegrin branch of M:tel, reports Radio Antena M. The company stated the preliminary talks with M:tel leadership were already held.

Executive director of M:tel, Vladimir Lucic, said many investors are interested in the company, but was not at liberty to comment on the phase of negotiations with EPCG.

Montenegrin electricity provider, in the meantime, says it wants to position itself in the field of telecommunications in order to raise the quality of its own services. Their project “the smart meter” cost approximately 80 million euros, and covered over 70 percent of consumers, which made in not only the regional leader, but in front of power companies in some EU countries.

They introduced a highly efficient system of distribution of electric power, which eliminates losses on the network and improves the reliability of supply.

However, although M:tel would be a compatible company, EPCG says they’re also thinking about developing their own telecommunications network and service provider, in case that the purchase of the youngest operator in Montenegro does not happen.

The two companies are already in a strategic partnership. EPCG has enabled M:tel to cover one part of its network with optical cables, while they, in turn, pledged to the entire investment, meaning EPCG will be owner of half the capacity.

Mr. Vladimir Lucic says M:tel has very positive experiences with Montenegrin partners.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro