Erjavec: Montenegro met all the conditions for joining NATO

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All conditions for Montenegro’s membership in NATO have been met and the progress towards EU integration is at a high level, Slovenian Foreign Minister Karl Erjavec said during today’s meeting the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic.

The president’s office stated that Vujanovic expressed his high appreciation for the Slovenia’s strong support to Montenegro on its European and Euro-Atlantic integration path. He added that after signing of the protocol on Montenegro’s accession to NATO, he expected Slovenia to immediately ratify it.

When it comes to EU accession, he said that Slovenia’s expert assistance was valuable and that he believed the country would continue it and enable opening of the remaining chapters of accession negotiations.

Vujanovic expressed his satisfaction with the bilateral relations between the two countries, which may be a positive example of cooperation in all fields. He also said that there was a wide room for improving economic relations.

Erjavec congratulated on the tenth anniversary of Montenegro’s independence, emphasising that Montenegro is a positive example in the region and that it had made a significant progress in all areas.

It also stated that the Slovenian government would promptly submit the ratification to the Parliament.

Erjavec noted that all the requirements for Montenegro’s membership in NATO were met. He commended a high level of European integration of the country, adding he was convicted that it would continue opening the negotiation chapters for membership in the EU, which would be strongly promoted by his country.

Erjavec agreed with Vujanovic that a room for cooperation in the economic field should be jointly used, noting that cooperation proved to be successful so far.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro