Ervin Ibrahimović the first listed candidate of Bosniak Party – Rafet Husović – Our Strength

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The central committee of Bosniak Party held a session today in Rožaje during which electoral program and candidates list for the upcoming elections were adopted.

The candidates list will be titled Bosniak Party – Rafet Husović – Our Strength.

The first listed candidate will be Ervin Ibrahimović.

Second, third and fourth place will belong to Nedžad Drešević, Rešad Sijarić and Kenana Strujić.

Orhan Šahmanović, Munib Ličina, Amer Nokić, Enesa Rastoder, Adnan Muhović and Mersudin Gredić are next.

Eleventh and twelfth spot will be held by Idrija Duraković and Asmina Omeragić.

“The campaign for the upcoming elections will be a good chance to promote ten years long work of Bosniak Party, that has enabled important social processes in the benefit of Bosniaks. Bosniak Party will lead a positive and serious campaign that will be based on political, national and economic subjects, that will offer real solutions to the citizens”, BS stated.

The list will be submitted on 20 September 2016.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro