Ethics Code Will Help Montenegrin Media, OSCE

07 Jul 15

Ethics Code Will Help Montenegrin Media, OSCE

The OSCE’s Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatovic, said the new code of ethics should improve media standards – and called for more unity among the country’s polarised journalists.

Dusica Tomovic


The media in Montenegro are highly polarised but the country’s revised Code of Ethics should help the media landcape to recover and improve, the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media, Dunja Mijatovic, said on Monday.

The revised code was prepared by a six-member group consisting of representatives of the independent media outlets, Dan, Vijesti and Monitor, as well as the Media Self-Regulation Body.

The process lasted about a year and was done under the auspices of the OSCE and the Council of Europe.

The media code sets new rules for online commenting, privacy issues and reporting on children, conflicts of interest, transparency, plagiarism and reporting from political rallies.

Mijatovic said the draft code was modern, matched international standards, and could serve as an example for all countries in the region and beyond, the news agency Mina reported.

“The adoption of the code also has a political dimension,” she added. “I am glad to say that I have had support of the government and other institutions for this process from the beginning.

“I think we should move towards improving the media scene in Montenegro, which is now deeply polarised,” Mijatovic said.

Mijatovic said she would like to see more solidarity among journalists, adding that public and journalists must realize that they can go only forward together.

The latest resolution by the European Parliament on Montenegro, released in March, highlighted the need for improvements in media standards.

The resolution voiced concern about the state of media freedom and the “weak professional and ethical standards” among the media in the country.

Source: Balkan Insight (Montenegro)