EU and the US monitor Sutorina issue

United States and the European Union are interested in the stability of Montenegro since Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) launched an initiative for the new delimitation and return of Sutorina area under the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said Montenegrin Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Igor Luksic.

“As soon as Sutorina issue has come in the center of public attention, everyone showed their interest and that were all those factors that are interested in the stability of Montenegro, including the European Union, the European Parliament and the United States. I expect this issue to be resolved in the most efficient manner,” Luksic said in an interview for daily ‘’Dnevni Avaz’’

SDP MP Denis Becirovic submitted a resolution demanding that the BiH Parliament estimates as unacceptable the contract on the border with Montenegro, stating that Sutorina belongs to BiH.

US Congressman Mike Turner warned BiH officials that Washington could suspend assistance to that country if Sarajevo does not withdraw from the dispute with Montenegro about Sutorina.

Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina have completed the demarcation in May last year in Sarajevo, agreed and initialed the document on border issues.

The two governments are in June and in November, established the proposal of the State Border Treaty, under which Sutorina is a part of Montenegro.

Officials of Montenegro announced that Sutorina issue is finished, adding that they expect soon signing of the contract on the state border.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro