EU enlargement policy has to be more offensive

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Former Montenegrin Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that due to the crisis of the European Union (EU) there was a stronger articulation of the interests of great powers that are ready to offer an alternative to the countries of the Western Balkans.

During international conference “Challenges on the Road to European Union” in Budva he said that the EU’s enlargement enthusiasm has been dampened in Western Balkans, which was “very dangerous state”.

“I primarily mean the Russian interests, but also we must not overlook the others, like China, which exposes its economic interests in Europe as a whole, as well as Turkey. It seems to me that the European Union has not registered these circumstances. The EU does not do enough on the attractiveness of its policy for the countries of the Western Balkans. It seems to me that the EU acts as a young bride from the time after the Cold War, when it was clear to everyone that it was the only target. But today we live in some other circumstances,” said Djukanovic.

“The EU has to work on its offensive enlargement politics and to constantly insist on making its politics more attractive,” added Djukanovic.

In his opinion, Western Balkans countries and their Euro Atlantic mentors should have been more effective in previous period.

Former president of Slovenia Milan Kucan said that current position of the Western Balkans was delicate.

“The geopolitical deployment and configuration process in the Balkans has not been completed. National borders do not coincide with state borders. We have unresolved border disputes. The big problem is that some countries are in a different position in relation to international organizations. Croatia and Slovenia have joined the EU and NATO, others are in the process of anticipation and this does not create a good climate and does not give the impression that we all belong to the same space. There are conflicts of geopolitical interests. The interests of Russia and the West are in conflict. This interest in the West is not clearly defined – whether it is the interest of Europe, the United States, or Europe is undermining the interests of the United States,” Kucan said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro