EU is the future of the Balkans

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The future of the Western Balkans lies in the European Union, and regional cooperation accelerates this process while political and economic co-operation makes the region attractive for investment, said President of the Montenegrin Parliament Darko Pajovic.

At the Parliamentary Meeting of Central and Eastern Europe, held in Warsaw, he had a series of bilateral meetings with the presidents of the parliaments of neighboring countries and Turkey.

He pointed out that enlargement is strategic investments in the peace and security of Europe as well as the best argument in favor of the vitality of the European Union.

“Montenegro is a reliable factor of stability in the region. We are committed to preserving and improving good neighborly relations and strategic goal is Montenegro’s membership in the European Union. Regional cooperation and good neighborly relations form an essential part of the process of Montenegro’s moving towards our European objective. Montenegro sees the EU as the best framework for further development of the reforms, harmonization with European standards and their adoption, as well as the improvement of bilateral relations with EU member states, but also with other countries in the enlargement process,” said Pajovic.

President of the Polish Parliament Marek Kuczynski said that his country supports European integration, and therefore, as he explained, they want to do everything to help the development of neighboring countries.

“We closely collaborate with all those who want to be in the European Union. Therefore, the inter-parliamentary debate and discussions like these are very important, because the people elect representatives in Parliament and therefore these institutions should propose ideas and design models of the European Union. With good cooperation and independent decision-making we will find solutions for all crises, “said Kuczynski.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro