EU will not mediate in resolving the crisis in Montenegro

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Montenegro is progressing very well towards the European Union. The fact is that Montenegro is the leader in relation to other candidate countries, as it is also the fact that there is yet more to be done, said German Ambassador to Podgorica, Hans Günther Mattern.

He also said that there is no need for EU or German mediation at internal plan of Montenegro. Priority is, he says, the rule of law and concrete results that the EU expects.

“Montenegro has reasons for optimism, it is doing well its part in the process of EU accession , it is in lead compared to other candidates,” Mattern said.

Attending TVCG broadcasting program “EU Integrations”, he said he noticed that in Montenegro there were different opinions about the process itself.

While some say that the dynamics is not good, it is necessary to open more chapters, to close them faster, others underline that the negotiation process is essential for reforms, for our country and that it takes time. What the ambassador notices is that there is a change to the better, but also more obligations that should be finished.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro