EU:For Human Rights Protection in Montenegro €13.65 million

Over the period 2007–2014, the EU provided a total of for the protection of human rights in Montenegro, through the Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA).

95% of all Roma school children below the age of eleven, currently residing in the Konik camp for displaced persons in Podgorica, are going to school, thanks to projects financed through these funds. This contributes significantly to their education and social integration.

The construction of apartments for displaced and internally displaced persons was also made possible through these funds.

Additionally, in Cetinje, Mojkovac, Kolasin and Pljevlja start-ups were launched and 60 women, who previously had no access to loans, now have a chance to launch their own small-scale businesses.

LGBT rights have been lifted up high on the political agenda by the first National Conference on LGBT rights in 2010. The Government of Montenegro adopted its first Action Plan against Homophobia and the European Union significantly contributed to this process.

The EU also invested €135 000 in tailoring of the five-year Action Plan which will improve the situation of prisoners.

Through promotional videos, such as the one entitled “Love has no Excuse“ in the framework of the project “The rights of people with disabilities to parenthood“, human rights were promoted in the media, thanks to support of the EU funds.

Countries wishing to join the EU must ensure the protection of minorities and the respect of fundamental rights not only in the law but also in practice.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro